The Bug

The name Bug came about not long after our daughter was born because she would regularly wake up throughout the night moaning and groaning like something was bugging her. Baby Daddy would talk to her in his loving daddy voice “What’s the matter bug?” 

We soon realised it was tummy issues. I breastfed for an entire year and tried everything from changing my diet to demand feeding to not demand feeding, to supplementing with goats milk, soy milk, rice milk in an attempt to ease her tummy but nothing made much difference. She has slept through the night in her own bed exactly 4 times since she was born. 

Yes I tried a number of those sleeping methods and maybe they would have worked if I had stuck it out like they insist you do, but my child’s screams tore at my heart and she inevitably ended up back in our bed attached to my boob. Now that she can walk she still makes her own way to our bed every night to claim her space in between us. 

Having just turned 3 she has mostly outgrown the tummy issues except for the fact that she is fully potty trained but refuses to poop in the toilet or a potty. She will very politely ask me to put a nappy on, then go to her room and close the door while she does her business. When she’s done I get told “mommy change my stinky bum!”

She is a very smart, beautiful child with a very sensitive yet moody nature. Sometimes she says things or observes things that would have be believe she was a 5 year old. Every day I see behaviour in her that reminds me of my childhood and I want to keep in touch with those memories so that I can empathise and assure her that I will always be there to guide her through life. 

Personally I believe your parenting style needs to suit your child and your family’s needs. If I had more than one child I’m sure I would have adapted my approach. I also believe it’s important to listen to your child and hone in on your motherly instincts. The best advice I found was from Dr Sears.  His approach to a high maintenance baby really resonated with me and boosted my confidence as a parent.


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